Women and baby boomers are the best tippers, says poll

Tips are expected everywhere from restaurants to ride-sharing platforms, but not everyone gives service providers those extra greenback thank-yous.

Women and baby boomers are the best tippers, according to a CreditCards.com poll released today.

Those of the female persuasion are more likely than men to always tip hairstylists—66% versus 60%. They’re also more inclined to say “thanks” to restaurant staffers with money (80% versus 74%) and to food delivery people (66% versus 59%).

However, when comparing women who tip to men who tip, men tend to give about a percentage point more at eateries.

When it comes to generation-based trends, millennials are left in the dust. The research finds baby boomers are more likely to always leave waitstaff gratuities (89% versus 66%), taxi or ride-share drivers (63% versus 40%), hairstylists (73% versus 53%), food delivery people (72% versus 56%), and hotel housekeepers (33% versus 23%).

But when it comes to millennials who do deign to tip when they eat out, they’ll likely give 22%, while boomers aim for 17%, according to the survey.

The median tip for all restaurant patrons is 18% in 2019, the same as in 2017 and 2018, according to CreditCards.com.

And waitstaff, pay attention to this: People who’ve had tip-based jobs are better tippers themselves—22% versus 17%. This group also is more likely to tip other people too, such as housekeepers, baristas, trash collectors, and teachers.

“When in doubt, I think you should tip, particularly if this is a service provider you interact with regularly,” writes Ted Rossman, industry analyst at CreditCards.com, adding that it could get you better service—and be a big deal to someone whose financial health depends on gratuities.

The survey of 2,569 U.S. adults was conducted online August 21-23, according to the website.

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