Break free from unhealthy habits to lose weight

The Independence Day is around the corner, which means it is the time for celebration with friends, family, kite flying and lots of tasty food. As a cherry on the top, this Independence day also happens to fall on a long weekend which gives an added opportunity to spend time with your loved ones.

However, in addition to warmth, happiness and feasting, the celebrations bring an enormous amount of calories to your daily diet. Those on a quest to lose weight, often get tempted to cheat on their diet and end up piling on kilos.

This Independence Day, declare freedom from cravings and unhealthy snacking with these 3 easy ways:

1. Find healthy alternatives

From fried pakora to calorie-laden pav bhaji, festivals and long weekends call for indulgence and some melt-in-the-mouth delicacies. However, if you are on a quest to lose weight, you mustn’t lose track of your ultimate goal.

Instead of going the traditional route, try including healthier alternatives to the festive spread. From soya uttapams, ragi coconut ladoo to baked kachori, there is no dearth of options for a tasty yet healthy Independent Day celebration.

2. Indulge in kite flying session

Kite flying is not only an essential part of I-day celebrations but it can also help you burn some calories. When you hold a kite steady in the wind, it targets your core, arm muscles and abs. It requires even more energy in case of strong winds to keep your kite aloft.

Additionally, a typical kite flying session requires a lot of movement which also helps in burning calories.

3. Remember it is not all about food

Festivals and celebrations are a lot more than just ordering takeaways and going to fancy places to eat. It is more about enjoying the company of your loved ones and knowing the rich history behind the same. Discuss the glorious past of India and the ways everyone can contribute to an even more beautiful future of the nation.

The bottom line

Resist the urge to pick up fries and burgers and break free of the unhealthy habits this Independence day. Don’t let your tastebuds rule you, rather condition your body to stick to the workout and diet routine you have been following. You will certainly look back and feel proud of your determination and willpower.

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